Blow Bar



Bus Stop Location : In front of Bamboo Blonde

Blow Bar (behind Bamboo Blonde) is the first bus stop on the Legian Line and it's located on Oberoi road. Oberoi road itself is an entrance of Seminyak area. You only need 6 minutes on foot from Seminyak Village. Here, your eyes will be pampered with dozens of fashion boutiques, interior design stores, cafes and restaurants along this road.


Blow Bali Bar is a bar which is combined with salon. It is the first in Bali. The Bar was specialy designed for Seminyak. It was located in Jalan Oberoi (the back side of Fashion Bamboo Blonde Shop). When you walk into the entrance, you will hear the music combined with hairdryer and shaken cocktails. Thus, makes the bar different than other bars. It will be your leisure time while you have your nail polished or hair treatment and accompanied with a glass of cocktail or martini. You also be able to socialize here with other visitors. For the male customers, here is your place, as this place will maximize your performance.

Link : Blow Bar

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We recommend arriving at the bus stop 5-10 minutes before scheduled departure times due to unpredictable traffic conditions.

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