Museum Pasifika



Bus Stop Location : In front of the Museum

Museum Pasifika Bus Stop was located in the east of Bali Collection. There are many luxurious hotels and Bali Golf & Country near the Museum Pasifika. From the bus stop you can go to Devdan Show in Bali Nusa Dua Theatre which is only 5 minutes walk.

The Museum Pasifika bus stop was on the both side. They are on the Line 1 for those who want to to to Jimbaran and Line 2 for those who want to go to Kuta.


Opening Hours : 10.00 am - 06.00 pm

Located in the Nusa Dua tourism, Museum Pasifika is an art Museum in Bali, Indonesia, which is showing the Asia and Pacific cultures. And also shows various cultural artefacts. The museum is built in the year of 2006 by Moetaryanto P and Phillippe Augier. The Museum is consisted 8 pavillion and divided into 11 rooms where in every rooms show the arts which are categorized from the origin of the artists. Museum Pasifika is also called as The Largest Asia Pacific Art Museum because there are over than 600 arts from 200 different artists and from 25 countries were exhibited here.

Link : Museum Pasifika

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Time Schedule


We recommend arriving at the bus stop 5-10 minutes before scheduled departure times due to unpredictable traffic conditions.

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