Bus Fare

Number of Seats : 12 seats

Medium BusThe route of Line 4 connects Legian and Seminyak from DFS via Jalan Sunset Road. Bus on the Line 4 will depart from DFS → Legian → Seminyak → Sunset Road → DFS. This line will enable you to transfer to Line 3 via Seminyak Village bus stop.

Line 4 is a direct route to DFS to Seminyak. The bus stop in this Line will be passing Papaya Supermarket via Jl. Dewi Sri to Seminyak Village. The bus will also stop at Paletas Wey.

Bus Stop Index

1 DFS Bus Bay 1 Papaya Supermarket
2 Grand Livio Hotel 3 Paletas Wey
4 Seminyak Garden 5 Gardin Bistro
6 Seminyak Village 7 Ramada Bali Sunset Road

Time Schedule

Every 45 minutes from 09:00 - 22:12

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Please note that not all bus services start at 09:00 and run until 23:00. For detailed information, please check the Time Schedule of each line.

Traffic congestion due to bad weather or road closures for religious ceremonies is commonplace in Bali. We aim to run our bus service as efficiently as possible, however delays can sometimes be experienced due to circumstances beyond our control.

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