About the bus service

Where does the bus go?
Our daily bus service operates in the popular tourist areas of Kuta,Legian, Seminyak,Sanur, Jimbaran,Nusa Dua, South Nusa Dua and Ubud. The DFS Bus Bay is located at Simpang Siur junction in Kuta. With the new lines, Kura-Kura Bus connect throughtout the tourist area of Bali -especially Ubud and vice versa.
When does the bus service operate?
From 08:30 to 21:48, depending on the bus line. For more details, please see the Time Schedule.
How do I get the bus?
Go to one of the dedicated bus stops located at various hotels and shopping malls, or the main DFS Bus Bay in Kuta. Passengers can use either a Kura-Kura Bus Ticket or Kura-Kura Bus Daypass to travel on the bus.
How much does it cost?
The fare varies from route to route, and ranges from Rp.20,000 ~ Rp.80,000 for a single trip. For fare information, please see Ticket Info.
How do I buy a ticket?
There are two types of ticket - Kura-Kura (Single and Round) Trip Ticket and Day Pass for multiple trips.

Tickets can be purchased at DFS Bus Bay, Kura-Kura Ticket Booths, bus stop hotels and on board the bus on certain lines. For locations, please see Ticket Info.
If, for example, I want to travel from Grand Inna Kuta to Puri Lukisan Museum on the Ubud area, do I have to get off the bus at DFS Bus Bay to continue along the line?
No, for Line 3B, you can go to Ubud area directly to Puri Lukisan Museum or if you want to stop at DFS Bus Bay you can choose Line 3C. New Kura-Kura Bus route map give you option to choose which route suitable for you.
Can I get off anywhere along the bus line?
No, the bus only stops at designated Kura-Kura bus stops.
How can I check if the bus is on time/late?
For up to date bus service status, go to or download the FREE MOBILE APP, available at Apple App Store and Google Play Store.
Can I pay by credit/debit card?
Card payment facilities are available at DFS Bus Bay and at Kura-Kura Ticket Booths. VISA, MASTER, JCB and BCA credit cards are accepted. To see how to purchase with Credit card, check here.
Can I pay in foreign currencies, like USD or JPY?
No, only IDR is accepted for cash payments.
Do buses go to the airport?
Unfortunately our bus service does not operate in the airport area.
Do children have to pay?
Kura-Kura Ticket & Day Pass :
Each child 2 years and under, using the same seat as an adult, can travel free of charge. Children using their own seat will be charged normal price.
Travel Card Holders
Each child 2 years and under, using the same seat as an adult, can travel free of charge. Children using their own seat will be charged normal price. If one parent has 2 children under 2 years, only 1 will be free - the other child will be charged normal price.

Kura-Kura Ticket

Where can I buy a Kura-Kura Ticket?
Kura-Kura Tickets (single and round) trip can be bought at DFS Bus Bay, from Kura-Kura Ticket Booths and on board the bus on all lines.
How do you use a Kura-Kura Ticket?
When boarding the bus, simply drop your ticket in the box located near the door.
Can I refund Kura-Kura Ticket that have not been used?

Day Pass

What is a Day Pass?
A Day Pass is a pre-loaded smart card that can be used for unlimited travel on all bus lines. Day Passes are available for 1, 3 and 7 days and take effect from the first time you tap the card reader on the bus to activate the card (1 day = 24 hours).
What is the advantage of using a Day Pass?
- unlimited use on all bus lines
- no need to carry small change
- no need to top up credit
Where can I buy a Day Pass?
At DFS Bus Bay, Kura-Kura Ticket Booth, Website, Mobile App, bus stop hotels at certain lines and on board the bus on all lines.
Can I use a Day Pass for several people?
No, Day Passes can be used by one person at a time only.
If I buy a 3-Day Pass at 3pm, can I only use my card until midnight on the same day?
No, a 3-Day Pass is valid for 72 hours from the time of activation. A 3-Day Pass is valid for 72 hours from the time of activation etc.
What if I lose my Day Pass?
If you purchase the physical card, you will need to purchase a new one. But if you purchase from the website. You still can check your Daypass from the e-mail. To purchase online, click here.
Can I use my Day Pass on different days?
No, a Day Pass must be used on consecutive days. A 3-Day pass will expire after three days from the date of activation, a 7-Day pass will expire after five days from the date of activation etc.


What if I leave something behind on the bus? Who can I contact?
Please contact Customer Service for Lost & Found items.
Which languages are available at Customer Service?
Bahasa Indonesia and English.
Can I bring luggage on board the bus?
One item of hand luggage is allowed per person. Please check the size prior to traveling, as baggage that exceeds the maximum size (H*L*W) 81cm X 56cm X 36cm will not be permitted on the bus. Surfboards and larger items can not be stored. Additional charge Rp 15.000 per luggage applied for Line (1C,2C,3B,3C,4B,4C) only.
Is there any compensation in the case of an accident?
All passengers are insured during their travels on Kura-Kura Bus in accordance with conditions of MSIG travel accident insurance. Limit of Liability per person is as follows:

Death/Disablement : USD 100,000.00
Medical Expenses : USD 10,000.00
Can I take my surfboard on the bus?
Do buses have wheelchair access?
Unfortunately our buses do not offer wheelchair facilities at this time.
Do bus seats have seat belts?
Yes, all the seats are equipped with seat belts. We recommend that all passengers use seat belts for their own safety.
What if I don't get a seat?
Our bus service operates regularly every day between 08:30 and 21:48. If the bus is full, simply wait for the next bus. Standing on the bus is not permitted. Seat for the famous Ubud area trip, we recommend to pre-booked here. Online booking can be made up to 2 hours before departure
Does the bus have Internet access?
Yes, all of our buses are equipped with free WiFi connectivity. The password is displayed on the bus window.
Can I use my mobile phone on the bus?
Are you allowed to eat and drink on the bus?
Please refrain from eating and drinking on the bus.

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