Everyday Spa

Everyday Spa

The Everyday Spa is the most popular among the town spas in Bali. Here you can simply step in to enjoy highly technical massages—a highly popular spot not only with tourists, but also among the foreign local residents. The spa is located in the center of Kuta, so one of the reasons for its great popularity is that it enables people to just pop in as they wander through the town.

Souvenior Shop Mushora Accessibility Wi-Fi Restaurant/Haral food Baby Chair Parking
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Everyday Body Scrub(1.5Hour):Balinese Massage, Natural Scrub.


Last Order 21:30.


【Facilities on BALI SUPER PASS】
Avenue Spa/3min 1.3km

【Other Facility and Tourist spot】
Beach Walk/16min 3km

WEB Site http://everydayspa.co.id/
Address Jl. Raya Kuta No. 129, Kuta
Business Hours 10:00-23:00
Publish Price Adult 209,000 / Child 209,000
Airport to 20 minutes
Average Amount of Time From 90 minutes to 120 minutes
Items to be prepared Nothing
Target Age Nothing
Insurance Nothing

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