Ocean Walker + Waterbom + Spa

Ocean Walker + Waterbom + Spa

Publish Rate
Rp 2,660,000

  • Ocean Walker Rp 1,170,000
  • Waterbom Rp 520,000
  • Spa (Average price) Rp 620,000
  • Charter Car Rp 350,000

Bali Super Pass

Save up to
Rp 810,000 / Per Person


Ocean Walker + Waterbom + Spa (Exclude Lunch)
Itinerary Items to be prepaid
09:15 Private Car + Driver  
9:45 Ocean Walker 1. Swim wear, Sun block
2. Sanitary needs (Shampoo, Soap, Cosmetic etc)
13:45 Waterbom 1. Swim wear, Sun block
2. Sanitary needs (Shampoo, Soap, Cosmetic etc)
17:00 Spa  
19:15 Hotel Arrival  

●Private Car + Driver

Meet and Greet your private driver

●Ocean Walker

Bali Ocean Walker is one of the famous watersport activity in Bali. Enjoy up close and personal contact with underwater life. This activity is quite easy to do, even for beginner. With under water helmet, glasses or contact lenses are not a problem. Swimming skills are not necessary and participants do not required to have previous experience in Scuba diving or Diving license. An amazing, once in a lifetime experience on the sandy floor seabed!

●Bali Collection

Bali Collection is the one of the biggest shopping mall in Bali with shops of both globally recognize brands and local brands. This place also offers sumptuous restaurants and cafés, serving Japanese, Italian, Indonesian or BBQ. Choose from the variety of cuisine available.


Next after lunch, we dare you for an experience to ride in Bali's Waterbom Waterslides, a top attraction in Bali. Come & experience the excitement of the Waterbom Bali Waterslides! Fun for the whole family


Finally, it's time to relax at Spa. We will choose the best spa depending on your accommodation area, from among the spas available at Bali Super Pass.

※No refund is given in case of delays due to traffic congestions, road diversions, blockage or other condition

※Please immediately contact our Hotline in case of booking amendments and schedule changes.

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