Rafting + Bali Zoo + Bird Park

Rafting + Bali Zoo + Bird Park

Publish Rate
Rp 2,180,000

  • Ayung River Rafting Rp 1,050,000
  • Bali Zoo Rp 395,000
  • Bali Bird Park Rp 385,000
  • Charter Car Rp 350,000

Bali Super Pass

Save up to
Rp 330,000 / Per Person


Ayung River Rafting + Bali Zoo + Bali Bird Park (Include Lunch)
Itinerary Items to be prepared
08:15 Private Car + Driver  
09:45 Ayung River Rafting 1. Swim wear, Sun block
2. Sanitary needs (Shampoo, Soap, Cosmetic etc)
13:30 Bali Zoo  
16:00 Bali Bird Park  
18:15 Hotel Arrival  

●Private Car + Driver

Meet and Greet your private driver

●Ayung River Rafting

Rafting in the Ayung River is a dynamic activity, where you will flow down the river, weaving through the Ubud Valley, surrounded by beautiful natural scenery. The volume of water in the river is stable all year-round, with few water rapids, allowing you to have fun with great peace of mind. Led by professional guide, you will be given instructions regarding safety standards on how to paddle along the river, as you laugh, scream, and have an incredible adventure. Buffet lunch is available but please proceed to next activity for lunch.

●Bali Zoo

At Bali Zoo, you can come into contact with great variety of animals. It also offers additional experience for animal feeding, elephant ride (additional charges apply), taking a photo of yourself with a crocodile, tiger, and other animals. Bali Zoo is a must-see spot for animal-lovers! The Bali Zoo website features profile of the animals, so we recommend checking them out before your visit!

●Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park has arguably the world's largest number of Indonesian bird species. Here, you can also see the magnificent Komodo Dragon, the only species in the world considered to survives the Jurassic period. A variety of birds live in a balinese vegetation settings and the park features many well-trained and uncage birds (which you can also take photo with), making it a popular photography spot. Many people reviewed with astonishment and actually enjoyed it even more than they had imagined!

※No refund is given in case of delays due to traffic congestions, road diversions, blockage or other condition

※Please immediately contact our Hotline in case of booking amendments and schedule changes.

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