Safari Park + Tjampuhan Hotel + Museum + Spa

 Safari Park + Tjampuhan Hotel + Museum + Spa

Publish Rate
Rp 2,240,000

  • Bali Safari & Marine Park Rp 800,000
  • Tjampuhan Hotel & Puri Lukisan Museum Rp 470,000
  • Spa (Average price) Rp 620,000
  • Charter Car Rp 350,000

Bali Super Pass

Save up to
Rp 390,000 / Per Person


Bali Safari & Marine Park + Tjampuhan Hotel + Puri Lukisan Museum + Spa (Include Lunch)
Itinerary Items to be prepared
08:00 Private Car + Driver  
09:00 Bali Safari & Marine Park  
12:00 Tjampuhan Hotel 1. Swim wear, Sun block
2. Sanitary needs (Shampoo, Soap, Cosmetic etc)
14:00 Puri Lukisan Museum  
15:30 Spa  
18:00 Hotel Arrival  

●Private Car + Driver

Meet and Greet your private driver

●Bali Safari & Marine Park

Currently Bali's largest theme park complex. Hop on a safari bus to explore its vast site, featuring many animals living just as in the wild. Have a photo sessions with the animal as souvenir photos of yourself. Enjoy one of a kind animal shows and an unforgettable theatrical performance at the biggest indoor theatre in Bali.

●Tjampuhan Hotel

The Tjampuhan Hotel is a legendary hotel with the longest history in Ubud. The hotel was established in 1928, and once an artisan melting pot. Surrounded by a tranquil forest, this luxurious hotel allows visitors to enjoy beautiful view of Tjampuhan’s river and valley. The spa offers a heated swimming pool, whirlpool bathtub, sauna, and steam room. From the restaurant's terrace seats, enjoy delicious meal while basking in the picturesque lush-green scenery. The beautiful Campuhan Ridge is also accesible from this hotel and a must visit spot to unwind along the gorgeous terrace.

●Puri Lukisan Museum

Puri Lukisan Museum is designed based on the concept of "The palace of paintings". This particular museum is a highly recommended and a popular spot boasting a large number of famous balinese artworks, dating back to the pre-war era to modern day today. Gain a deeper understanding and appreciation regarding Bali's history, culture, and tradition while taking a gentle stroll around the well-manicured gardens.


Finally, it's time to relax at Spa. We will choose the best spa depending on your accommodation area, from among the spas available at Bali Super Pass.

※No refund is given in case of delays due to traffic congestions, road diversions, blockage or other condition

※Please immediately contact our Hotline in case of booking amendments and schedule changes.

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