Super Package 12 - Safari Park + Bird Park + Upside Down World + Spa

Super Package 12 - Safari Park + Bird Park + Upside Down World + Spa

Publish Rate
Rp 2,285,000

  • Bali Safari & Marine Park Rp 800,000
  • Bali Bird Park Rp 385,000
  • Upside Down World Rp 100,000
  • Halo Bali Spa Rp 650,000
  • Charter Car Rp 350,000

Bali Super Pass

Save up to
Rp 435,000/ Per Person


Bali Safari & Marine Park + Bali Bird Park + Upside Down World + Halo Bali Spa (Exclude Lunch)
Itinerary Items to be prepared
09:00 Private Car + Driver  
10:00 Bali Safari & Marine Park  
14:00 Bali Bird Park  
16:00 Upside Down World  
16:30 Halo Bali Spa  
19:00 Hotel Arrival  

●Private Car + Driver

Meet and Greet your private driver

●Bali Safari & Marine Park

Currently Bali's largest theme park complex. Hop on a safari bus to explore its vast site, featuring many animals living just as in the wild. Have a photo sessions with the animal as souvenir photos of yourself. Enjoy one of a kind animal shows and an unforgettable theatrical performance at the biggest indoor theatre in Bali.

●Bali Bird Park

Bali Bird Park has arguably the world's largest number of Indonesian bird species. Here, you can also see the magnificent Komodo Dragon, the only species in the world considered to survives the Jurassic period. A variety of birds live in a balinese vegetation settings and the park features many well-trained and uncage birds (which you can also take photo with), making it a popular photography spot. Many people reviewed with astonishment and actually enjoyed it even more than they had imagined!

●Upside Down World (P.29)

Upside Down World is one of the newest indoor themed facility in Bali. It offers 7 different rooms concepts such as bedroom, kitchen, dining area, living space, etc with its furniture and accessories are arranged in an upside down position. A unique and unusual concept creating an interesting sense of mystery and curiosity.

●Halo Bali SPA

Finally, a relaxing moment with "Aromatherapy Body Massage (2 hours) package" in Halo Bali Spa. Include welcome drink, tropical flower bath, aroma oil massage, shower or bath.

※No refund is given in case of delays due to traffic congestions, road diversions, blockage or other condition

※Please immediately contact our Hotline in case of booking amendments and schedule changes.

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