Kura Kura Bus Stop at LXXY Bali


Bus Stop Location: In Front of the Club

Lxxy Bali is the next bus stop after Ground Zero Monument. The bus stop is situated on Line 4A.

Line 4A is for those who want to go to South Kuta Area. The bus will depart to Waterbom.


Situated on the famous Legian Street of Bali, LXXY opened its doors in 2018 adding to the vibrant pulse of the Bali nightlife scene. The name LXXY, derived from the roman numerals LXXI, pays homage to its location at number 71 Legian Street and its aspiration to become an icon and a legacy in Indonesia’s music and nightlife scene. The LXXY experience is a perfect synergy of a pool club, a nightclub and our very own artainment zone. Immerse yourself in the full LXXY experience which incorporates modern design and architecture, state of the art lighting, visual technology and a customized sound system designed to bring partying to new heights.

Link: LXXY Bali

Time Schedule


We recommend arriving at the bus stop 5-10 minutes before scheduled departure times due to unpredictable traffic conditions.

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