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Kura-Kura Bus is a public shuttle bus service connecting popular tourist areas in Bali daily from 09:00 until 20:00 (depending on the line). The main hub is our DFS Bus Bay, located at Jl. Bypass Ngurah Rai, Simpang Siur Junction in Kuta.

Time Schedule

How To Ride

How To Ride<

Hop on a Kura-Kura Bus at one of the designated bus stops located at shopping malls and major hotels in popular resort areas. Tickets can be bought in the form of a Day Pass Ticket or Kura-Kura (Single and Round) Trip Ticket.

Ticket Info

Onboard Facilities

Onboard Facilities

Number of seats Line 1 : 12 seats & 15 seats
Line 2 : 12 seats & 15 seats
Line 3 : 12 seats
Line 4 : 12 seats
Line 5 : 12 seats & 15 seats
Air-conditioning Yes
Free WiFi Yes
LCD Display Yes
Audio Voice
Announcement System
Luggage Rack No
Luggage Storage Yes
Electric Points Yes
Toilet No
Wheelchair Access No

Terms & Conditions

■ Conditions for using Kura-Kura Bus

All Kura-Kura buses are non-smoking. Please kindly note the following restrictions:

■ Child Policy
Kura-Kura Single Trip Ticket, Round Trip Ticket, & Day Pass

Each child 2 years and under, using the same seat as an adult, can travel free of charge. Children using their own seat will be charged normal price.

Travel Card Holders

Each child 2 years and under, using the same seat as an adult, can travel free of charge. Children using their own seat will be charged normal price. If one parent has 2 children under 2 years, only 1 will be free - the other child will be charged normal price.

Children over 2 years of age will be charged normal price. Please note that proof of age may be required.

■ Baggage Allowance

One item of hand luggage is allowed per person. Please check the size prior to traveling, as baggage that exceeds the maximum size (H*L*W) 81cm X 56cm X 36cm will not be permitted on the bus. Surfboards and larger items can not be stored. Additional charge Rp 15.000 per luggage applied for Line 5 only.

Please take extra care and look after your own belongings. Property damages or lost during your trip with Kura-Kura bus will be born on your personal expenses. PT. Kura-Kura will not responsible or entertain such situation.

Line 5 (Ubud area)

Additional Rp 15,000 per luggage applied for Line 5 (Ubud area) only if using additional space.

All other lines

Buses on these lines do not have a luggage compartment. Passengers can only store their belongings under the seat.

■ Insurance

All passengers are insured during their travels on Kura-Kura Bus in accordance with conditions of MSIG travel accident insurance. Limit of Liability per person is as follows:

Death/Disablement USD 100,000.00
Medical Expenses USD 10,000.00
■ Traffic conditions in Bali

Traffic congestion due to bad weather or road closures for religious ceremonies is commonplace in Bali. We aim to run our bus service as efficiently as possible, however delays can sometimes be experienced due to circumstances beyond our control.

Please kindly note that Kura-Kura is not liable for any losses caused by delays in service. It is recommended to try and make allowance for possible delays when planning your trip.

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